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hipoHipoteku banka (Riga, Latvia) in collaboration with Compass Plus is securing Internet transactions.

Mastercard has reviewed and approved the SecureCode ACS Functional Test Results submitted by Hipoteku banka in collaboration with Compass Plus. TranzWare e-Commerce ACS module enables the processing of transactions with due regard for 3-D Secure identification and uses other security means in the process of authorisation of electronic transactions. This application will help the Bank to enhance the security of Internet-based transactions performed with payment cards issued by Hipoteku banka.

Hipoteku Banka have been a customer of Compass Plus for over two years and it currently runs its card business on several products from Compass Plus, including TranzWare CMS, TranzWare Online, TranzWare Point of Interaction, TranzWare e-Commerce and TranzWare Card Factory.

The three main operational directives of Hipoteku banka are lending to small and medium-sized enterprises, initiating legislation and issuing mortgage bonds and providing retail banking services on a commercial basis to customers all over Latvia.

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