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bCompassPlusMBTS-Bank (Moscow, Russia) and Compass Plus have completed the commercial launch of MBTS-Bank own in-house processing centre built on TranzWare Online, TranzWare CMS and TranzWare Card Factory. The first stage of this project initiated in April 2006 involved the adaptation of TranzWare CMS – the back office system to fully suit MBTS-Bank business and accounting requirements and also included the development of exchange module with the processing centre of Slaviansky Bank, which performed MBTS-Bank card authorisations. This allowed migration of cards and card accounts into the new back office system that continued to interface with the Slaviansky Bank processing centre. In parallel to this stage TranzWare products were certified in Diners Club payment system for issuing and acquiring payment cards under the brand of “Diners Club International”. On the 1st of November 2006 VISA payment system has switched the routing of transactions made with MBTS-Bank cards to Credit Ural Bank (Russia, Magnitogorsk), who became new bank-sponsor for MBTS-Bank in Visa International (processing services for Credit Ural Bank are performed by Compass Plus Processing Centre that has TPP status in Visa). Compass Plus, as a processing centre, also services transactions made with American Express cards in the MBTS-Bank acquiring network.

Currently, MBTS-Bank have Affiliate Member status in MasterCard and Associate Member status in VISA International and are soon planning to raise the status to Principal Member in MasterCard as well as offer the services of its processing centre to other banks.

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