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Nomos-Bank-engNOMOS-BANK (Russia) with the technological support of Compass Plus have completed the EMV-certification of the acquiring and issuing programmes in both MasterCard and VISA payment systems. NOMOS-BANK became the first Compass Plus customer to complete the EMV-certification simultaneously in both the leading international payment systems. During 2007 the Bank plans to replace all its issued cards (over 170,000) with cards of the EMV standard. In order to meet this target the Bank has purchased and commercially launched the DataCard 7000 embosser, which is managed by the TranzWare Card Factory system.

The EMV-migration provided NOMOS-BANK customers with access to a wider range of banking operations accessible through the Internet banking system (TranzWare e-Bank). The DPA/CAP technology allows to unambiguously identify the EMV cardholder and offer him/her the opportunity to perform banking operations via the Internet Bank (payments and transfers). Once the customer obtains a smart card and smart card-reader (crypto-calculator) from the Bank, he/she receives the opportunity to make payments for mobile phone, Internet, public utility services and many others from any Internet access point. The essence of the technology is that an EMV card issued by NOMOS-BANK contains an application for generating single use passwords every time a cardholder accesses the Internet Bank. To generate a password a cardholder has to enter his card’s PIN code on the card-reader and use it in the authentication process when accessing the system and when confirming banking operations.

NOMOS-BANK is amongst the top 20 largest banks in Russia and has Principle member status in both VISA and MasterCard. Since 2001 the Bank has been using its own processing centre built on TranzWare software products.

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