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bCompassPlusThe 3rd International TranzWare User Group brought together experts from 52 organisations in 14 countries – Bangladesh, Egypt, Germany, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Vietnam. The 3-day conference included 27 presentations from Compass Plus’ leading specialists, partners and customers. iTUG 2007 opened with a presentation highlighting the company’s performance in 2006: Compass Plus gained 9 new customers, 7 of which have already launched their card projects.

The conference participants were offered a number of presentations unveiling the new functionalities of Compass Plus flagship products – TranzWare Online and TranzWare CMS as well as other product developments. The most significant and interesting of which are the following:

  • Extension of the remote banking system to include such subsystems as Bank Messaging Service and Customer Letter Processing. The Bank Messaging Service subsystem provides banks with an opportunity to configure product and service requests that later on can be available to customers via Internet banking systems, ATMs, information kiosks and Call-centres. The subsystem allows to describe requests of any complexity from connection to the new service (e.g. SMS-service) or ordering of an additional card through to credit requests where the customer has to attach certain documents (passport copy, references, etc.). The Customer Letter Processing subsystem facilitates generation of bank customer notifications (individually or in batch mode) on such events as availability of new banking products, customer birthdays, new card ready for collection, etc. The subsystem allows to print notifications for posting as well as can deliver them in an SMS format, as messages in the Internet banking system, ATMs and information kiosks;
  • The Loyalty system facilitating organisation of retail and banking loyalty programmes. The system allows to manage any number of loyalty programmes from individual (for a single merchant) to several retail associations that include multitude of merchants. The system also supports management of banking loyalty programmes and joint retail and bank loyalty programmes. The application enables settlement between the loyalty programme participants in the process of bonus points calculation and their exchange for goods and services. Bonus points are calculated in an online mode (per transaction, e.g. for making a purchase) as well as in a batch mode (event-based, e.g. as a birthday present or connected with the usage of other banking services) and can be converted between various loyalty programmes, used for partial or full payment for products and services, translate into prizes or discounts or can be used for upgrading customers to the higher levels of banking service;
  • Online-interface between TranzWare CMS (back office system) and TranzWare Online (processing system), which, by using transactional mechanisms, enables banks to transfer changes in the back office account balances to the processing system in an online mode. The reverse interface from the processing system to the back office allows at any time to obtain account balances and present them to the account holders via any channel served by the processing system (ATMs, information kiosks, Internet banking, telephone banking, etc.);
  • The new ATM monitoring system offering user-friendly tools for monitoring of the large ATM networks consisting of hundreds and thousands of machines. The system provides flexible device grouping capabilities allowing to organise the ATMs into various folders based on multitude of different parameters (for example, all ATMs that ran out of receipt tape and that are situated in a certain region). The system also has advanced maintenance personnel notification tools and supports problem escalation procedure for certain problems that cannot be resolved within the required time;
  • Extension of the range of services available to bank customers via ATMs. Amongst the new capabilities the most important are: virtual card generation and printing of its requisites as well as a variety of cardless operations (e.g. currency exchange, various payments, making of deposits).

Several Compass Plus customers have kindly shared their experience of using TranzWare products in their businesses. Substantial part of these presentations was devoted to one of the issues of current importance – crediting using plastic cards:

  • The director of the processing centre department at Alliance Bank (Kazakhstan), Denis Seredenko talked about the use of VISA Instant Issue cards for optimisation of provision and servicing of mass market credit products (express-crediting). Alliance Bank holds the leading positions in the consumer crediting market in Kazakhstan issuing over 2,000 express-credits daily. Compass Plus has developed a financial scheme that enables the service’s business logic and accounting in the back office system of the Bank built on TranzWare CMS;
  • The deputy director of retail business department at NOMOS-BANK (Russia), Alexander Bazanov shared the Bank’s experience of using the consumer crediting financial scheme to create a range of credit products (car credits, consumer credits) where a card performs the role of customer identification when he or she wants to obtains credit account information via various channels and when making credit repayments;
  • The technical director of the processing company IT Consultants Limited (Bangladesh), Kazi Golam Sarwar Waheed presented the way his Company has adapted Revolving Credit module within TranzWare CMS to very unique requirements of Islamic Banking. This presentation produced a lot of interest from the representatives of other Muslim countries who entered into a very lively discussion on the viability and appropriateness of the credit products in the Islamic Banks when usury is forbidden.

Some Compass Plus customers have presented their experience of successful project implementation based on TranzWare products:

  • Andrey Frolov (the head of plastic cards department at Sobinbank) presented In-Store Banking concept (Bank Finservice project) – the joint project between Sobinbank and Sedmoy Kontinent retail network. The project operates in an outsourcing mode based on the IT infrastructure (including the processing centre) of the “mother-bank” (Sobinbank);
  • Aleksey Matryoshin (the head of plastic cards department at Moscow Industrial Bank) shared the experience of smooth migration (without interruptions in bank services provision) to TranzWare products of the active processing centre of the large multi-brunch Bank as well as concurrent extension of a bank service range;
  • Evgeny Shevchenko (the head of banking cards department at Uralprombank) talked about the successful co-branded bonus card project carried out by the Bank in cooperation with a regional Internet and cable television provider. The Internet provider customer base was an ideal target audience for the Bank’s Internet banking service that includes capability for making various payments. As part of the project, the Internet provider’s customers receive free co-branded VISA cards and access to the Uralprombank Internet bank, which is connected to the Compass Plus Processing Centre in an online mode. Every time a customer uses their co-branded card or accesses Internet banking services they receive bonuses that are converted into the Internet traffic (download capacity).

As part of the tradition some of the Compass Plus’ partners presented their products, projects and new developments:

  • Senior vice-president at VISA CEMEA, Filipe Dos Santos highlighted VISA business development strategy with regards to the African continent and the way Compass Plus assists with putting some of the business plans into practice (ValuCard in Nigeria and MSCC processing company in Egypt);
  • Vice president at MasterCard, Andrey Tarusov presented the conference participants with the new technological solutions of the MasterCard payment system (OneSMART, mobile commerce);
  • General director of BS/4 (Russia), Sergey Volhonsky talked about the joint BS/4 and Compass Plus project involving connection of information kiosks to the NOMOS-BANK processing centre which allow bank customers to manage their accounts;
  • Sergey Malkov (Rline) presented transport card project realised in Magnitogorsk (Russia) in cooperation with one of the Compass Plus customers - Credit Ural Bank (Russia);
  • Presentation delivered by Vladas Lapinskas (BS/2, Lithuania) on ATM security raised rather lively interest and involved several video clips showing real life cases when ATM security has been compromised.

The new developments in the area of electronic funds transfers were also presented by such respectable companies as Arcom, Collis, Cybernet, Gemalto, INPAS and IVK Systems.

Compass Plus also offered an extensive entertainment programme to all conference participants. All guests had an opportunity to ski in two of the best ski resorts in Russia – Abzakovo and Bannoye. All, from the skiing gurus to those who saw snow for the first time, took pleasure in skiing. In addition, visitors were invited to watch a hockey match between Russian teams Metallurg and Kryliya Sovetov. One of the Russian rock legends – Moral Codex band performed on the second day at the evening banquet making the evening special for many guests.

The participants have noted that such events are extremely important as they allow to obtain a holistic view of the Compass Plus progress within the year, provide an opportunity to share experiences of using TranzWare products, facilitate the development of Compass Plus products, offer an opportunity to gain new contacts and partner with the leading companies in the industry. Many participants of iTUG 2007 conference have expressed a great interest in visiting the next year’s conference that in addition to new Compass Plus products developments will bring new business contacts with constantly growing number of Compass Plus customers and partners.

“The forum’s value is in the fact that it offers active opinion and experience exchange with the representatives of other banks and companies, offers an opportunity in a short period of time familiarise yourself with the new developments of Compass Plus, products of partnering companies; and all of this in combination with good service and excellent entertainment programme that includes skiing in the most beautiful places in Ural mountains made the meeting in Magnitogorsk ingenuous and unforgettable”.

Irina Abdiyeva, Director of payment technologies department, Alliance Bank (Kazakhstan)

“The forum’s organisation was at the highest level, very much liked responsive and friendly Compass Plus staff as well as the opportunity to meet and socialise with the colleagues from the other banks. It was also interesting to get to know Compass Plus plans and tendencies!”

Viesturs Bredovskis, Head of online services support group, Mortgage and Land Bank of Latvia (Latvia)

“The forum pleasantly surprised with the great number of participants – company clients as well as partners. Beside the expected presentations a great attention was devoted to the reports on PCI DSS and DBP2. I would like to say a special thank you to the representatives of Rline and Wincor Nixdorf companies for very interesting presentations. A great deal of useful information, business contacts, experience exchange as well as excellent entertainment programme and warm friendly atmosphere – this is the way to remember iTUG 2007”.

Yuri Ostrolutsky, Head of card operations processing, Nadra Bank (Ukraine)

“The organisation is excellent. The breadth of coverage of all major topics was great. The future plans of Compass Plus were fantastic, timely as it will give us enough time to think about the future product.”

Kyari A. Bukar, CEO, ValuCard (Nigeria)

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