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bCompassPlusThe highly acclaimed TranzWare product suite and latest innovations offered by Compass Plus generated significant visitor interest at the International CARDEX & IT SECURITY 2007 exhibition.

Once again Compass Plus participated in this respected exhibition project. The great interest of those present, both in a professional capacity and from a consumer’s point of view, encouraged Compass Plus to demonstrate working examples of ATM technology as well as related innovative services.  

At the stand Compass Plus have showcased  Wincor Nixdorf ProCash 2100xe ATM that is positioned by its distributors (a partner of Compass Plus - INPAS) as a multifunctional self-service point. Exhibition visitors were able to test a new function that enables an ATM to dispense coins, a project realised in Russia for the first time. The ATM had a live connection to Moscow Industrial Bank’s processing centre, which was built on Compass Plus’ TranzWare product base.

The coin dispensing functionality beneficially complements the currency exchange and making payments functions of the ProCash ATM product range. It is remarkable that making payments for various services and currency exchange operations can be carried in a “card-less” mode, which can in turn significantly expand the scope of a bank’s potential customers. The ATM proved a popular attraction with participants and visitors alike, who were interested both on a research level and from a practical point of view.

At the Compass Plus stand also displayed another joint solution – an information-payment terminal, the ITT-522 self-service kiosk by ARS (Automated Retail Systems), which was connected to the TranzWare Online in a test mode through TeleMatika-Service’s  MassPay terminal server. This device not only makes it possible to make cash payments but also allows to gain access and manage personal accounts.

By means of the ITT kiosk, bank customers are able to gain access to the TranzWare eBank module. Users of TranzWare eBank can view and print out account statements, make transfers between accounts (including those with currency exchange), make payments for different services, change card limits, create virtual cards, etc.

Compass Plus’ new developments ignited significant interest of retail bank managers. Amongst the most popular were TranzWare Cash Planning, a system forecasting and managing available cash in ATMs and the multi-functional ATM monitoring solution.

The International CARDEX & IT SECURITY exhibition and conference ‘Smart Cards and IT security systems’ took place in Moscow for the fourth time running on 19-21st September. The exhibition was moved to the Expocenter Congress Centre, Krasnaya Presnya, Moscow, on the strength of its increased growth in participants over the past 3 years. The move clearly demonstrates that the electronic payments industry continues to develop intensively and generates increasing interest from the banking world.

This year CARDEX & IT SECURITY gathered the world’s leading vendors in the plastic card market and representatives of credit organisations in Russia, Ukraine, countries of the CIS and other regions of the world. Manufacturers and providers of e-payment solution software, ATMs and equipment and services for the plastic card market welcomed the opportunity to meet face-to-face with representatives of banks, colleagues and service users in order to discuss vital questions and debate prospective expansions.

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