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bCompassPlusMBTS-BANK (Moscow, Russia) in collaboration with Compass Plus has successfully completed MasterCard certification for its own in-house processing centre.

On September 12th 2007 MBTS-BANK began to directly operate with the MasterCard payment system as a Principal Member. MBTS-BANK has already began to provide sponsorship and processing services to other banks through its processing centre. In collaboration with Compass Plus, the Bank is conducting a project that includes certification of SMP Bank as their first affiliated member in the MasterCard payment system.

The processing centre, built on TranzWare products, was launched over a year ago. Pavel Slavin, Chief of Bank Card Management, said the following about the Bank’s collaboration with Compass Plus:

Compass Plus have proven their ability to realise complex projects within the shortest period of time – the Bank’s processing centre was launched in the Autumn of 2006. Over the past year we have substantially increased the processing centre’s functionality: implemented online banking system ‘MBTS-Online’ built on TranzWare eBank, began connecting POS-terminals and started to perform American Express card acquiring. The capabilities of the TranzWare product range ensure significant possibilities for the development of our retail banking business.”