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bCompassPlusCompass Plus brings its new ATM monitoring module to effect in TranzWare Online. This module is an alternative to the standard ATM monitoring functionality within TranzWare Online and is intended for banks that require more advanced tools to manage their large dispersed ATM networks. Banks that choose the new ATM monitoring module can ascertain control over terminal networks on a far superior level.

The innovative tools within the system ensure banks maintain a competitive advantage thanks to the parameterised control mechanisms for ATM network states and maintenance expenditure optimisation.

The new ATM monitoring module benefits from the following improved functionalities:

• Flexible system administration capabilities
• Powerful tools of analysis regarding state, monitoring and control of ATM network
• Convenient and informative user interface
• Convenient navigation system – visual representation of the network with customisable features for various ATM groups

The proposed functionalities ensure those who work with terminal networks gain a higher level of scalability and flexibility of the system.

The new tool, with its logical interface, makes it possible to effectively conduct both operational monitoring and detailed analysis of the entire network, group of terminals or individual ATMs through separate criteria obtained at the disposal of system users.

The new ATM monitoring module has undergone comprehensive testing and has been successfully implemented at Compass Plus’ Processing Centre. Several Compass Plus clients have already shown an interest in the module.

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