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bRuTUG2010The first Compass Plus user group focusing solely on Russian-speaking TranzWare/TranzAxis users, RuTUG 2010, took place from 29th November to 1st December in Magnitogorsk, Russia.

Compass Plus is an international company specialising in the development of state-of-the-art software for retail banking and electronic payment systems and the domestic market is of strategic importance to the company. Customers and partners of the former Soviet Union are united not only by a common language and culture, but also by a unique model of banking business. RuTUG 2010 gave Compass Plus and its partners the opportunity to highlight their solutions targeted to the region whilst offering customers an opportunity to share their knowledge, experience and best practice.

The first Russian-speaking user group brought together more than 90 delegates from 37 companies in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia. The partners of this event included Arcom Group, Delta Systems, Gemalto, HP Russia, IBM, Ingenico, Jet Infosystems, Lanter (formerly Lanit).

Client presentations sharing their experience of the implementation and practical use of software solutions developed by Compass Plus were a key element of the extensive user group programme. Other topics that were of particular interest included:

  • Sergey Inkin, President of SIAB bank, on the wide range of business opportunities which have opened up to the bank since they launched their in-house processing centre;
  • Pavel Efremov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of NEYVA bank, on the pilot integration of TranzAxis - a new retail banking system;
  • Mikhail Stepanov, Head of the Software Development Department of Moscow Industrial Bank, on the integration of TranzWare Internet Banking application;
  • Artur Novruzov, Head of the Remote Banking Department of UralTransBank, on the use of remote banking channels and the implementation of TranzWare Mobile Banking;
  • Oleg Tishakov, the President of United Settlement System NCO and Alexey Parshin, Compass Plus Product and Services Director, on the prospect of the creation of an All-Russian payment network.

As the event was held at the headquarters of Compass Plus in Magnitogorsk, the user group allowed the participants to communicate directly with the company’s leading specialists, which was regarded by the customers as essential.

“It is typical for the international user groups to draw a diverse audience with different issues and business insights. I think that the former Soviet Republics are similar in terms of development - more or less at the same stage, and therefore the regional user group is much more relevant and productive. Language is also of great importance, because not everyone has the ability to speak a foreign language to a high level and therefore reports and other communication materials are much more effective in Russian”, said Armen Matevosyan, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Liberty Bank.

“These kinds of events undoubtedly strengthen the relationship between the customer and the company. JIRA customer service is definitely useful and comprehensive, but informal interaction, face-to-face, is a more effective method of communication and makes for more positive future relations, especially with regards to technical staff”, commented Sergey Inkin, President of SIAB bank.

The participants noted that events such as RuTUG are extremely important as they provide an opportunity for customers to share experiences of using Compass Plus products, contribute towards product development and offer an opportunity to gain new contacts and partners from leading companies in the industry. The extensive and topical programme from Compass Plus combined with their hospitality left a lasting impression on the guests which not even the severe weather conditions could diminish.

“Compass Plus is renowned for holding exceptional user groups. It’s important that all the participants have the opportunity to share their experience. The company offers a review of its products, which can include new developments that are relevant to our future projects”, noted Pavel Slavin, Director of the Payment Systems Department, SMP Bank.

“A large number of customers found this event of significant interest. The projects discussed here are really innovative especially in terms of the potential development of banks. Today I’ve heard lots of kind words from partners, integrators and banks addressed at Compass Plus. My opinion is that these kinds of collaborations strengthen relationships which can only be a positive experience”, commented Dmitriy Maloukhin, Sales Department Manager, Jet Infosystems.

The RuTUG 2010 participants left with expectations of continued regional meetings as Compass Plus plans to make RuTUG, Magnitogorsk an annual event.


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