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MinBankMoscow, Russia. According to the best mobile banking systems rating published in June 2011 by Finans magazine, the Mobile Bank service provided by Moscow Industrial bank (MInB) ranks second in the Russian market (http://www.finansmag.ru/articles/126202). The service is based on TranzWare Mobile Banking, a feature-rich solution from Compass Plus for building modern mobile banking systems. The Mobile Bank service has been available on the market since 2009, essentially offering customers the full range of banking services that is accessible by any mobile phone.

It is worth mentioning that a number of functional capabilities of TranzWare Mobile Banking actively used by MInB’s customers and not offered by the other rated participants were overlooked:

  • card limit management (including setting new limits). This functionality allows an account holder to control access to their funds via all additional cards linked to an account, therefore minimising fraud risk;
  • issuance of virtual cards with customer-defined parameters (expiry date, amount and number of transactions allowed, limit reset period etc.). A customer making a single purchase on the Internet can quickly receive card details and not worry about the increasing cases of card skimming .

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About MInB:

Moscow Industrial Bank (MinB) provides various financial services for enterprises acting in all economic industries, local government authorities and to the general public. MinB falls within the top 20 credit organisations in Russia and is rated as second in terms of mobile banking services. It has a network of 250 branches located in 29 regions of the Russian Federation, with the bank implementing social card projects in several of these regions. The bank has currently issued over 680,000 cards, installed 1,900 ATMs, has more than 5,500 POS terminals and provides services for several thousand trade and service enterprises. MinB has also provided sponsor services for other banks since 2009.

About Finans:
Finans is a weekly publication, focused on the financial market, with an audience made up of bank employees, managers, financial analysts and industry experts. The publication regularly rates Russian financial institutions in different areas of their performance in the market.


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