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SIABSIAB Bank has continued its cooperation with Federal Bailiff Service (FSSP) and now offers its customers a new service. Customers of the bank with access to SIAB-Online Internet banking can now obtain information about writs of execution at any time should they have any. Having met the requirements of a writ of execution on time, customers can go abroad without the fear of being denied travel outside the country at the border. Quite often, the requirements of the writ of execution are not met due to a banal issue such as failing to update a postal address and therefore not receiving the court order.

The bank’s customers can find the required information on request in a special section on SIAB-Online called ‘Debt to Bailiffs’ by entering their passport details. The data traffic is subject to encryption like any other data transfer within SIAB-Online, whilst displaying the information is only possible once a verification code (received by SMS) has been correctly entered by the customer.

Any outstanding debts can be settled at once. As FSSP regulations do not allow the removal of the travel ban online, the customer has to wait for several days after the debt settlement for FSSP routine procedures to come into effect.

SIAB-Online is a remote banking service based on the TranzWare Internet Banking solution by Compass Plus that allows the bank’s customers to manage their finances effectively including fund transfers, payments to various vendors, saving account management, setting card limits, issuing virtual cards, monitoring fund transfers, communication with the bank in order to obtain extra services (sending requests, files in various formats) and much more. As a result of Java widgets, the new remote banking platform by Compass Plus provides extensive capabilities for integration with any third-party banking systems. Thanks to the modular principles and the concept of separating the processing logic from the business logic that dictates what is available to the bank customer via the Internet banking system, the staff of the bank can implement any updates themselves without turning to Compass Plus’ developers for help. This capability does not affect the option to install regular new version upgrades provided by Compass Plus.

According to SIAB Bank’s management team the integration of the bank’s remote banking system with Saint-Petersburg Bailiff Service as well as with other services implemented by the bank as part of the remote banking service has become possible due to the bank having built and launched its own processing centre. “Having built our own processing centre based on the software solution from Compass Plus, we can now offer our customers cutting-edge services, amongst which are those presented today,’’ - commented Galina Vanchikova,  Chairman of the Board of Directors, SIAB Bank.

About SIAB Bank:

SIAB Bank (St. Petersburg Industrial Joint Stock Bank) is a commercial bank that was founded in 1995. The bank works with legal entities and individuals in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Province and offers a full range of banking services.The main direction of the bank’s retail business is centered on individual deposit accounts. By working with private customers the bank is focusing on its cooperation with retail chains offering their customers banking services for the best value and thus establishing its client base. The strategy for the development of the retail business lies in the creation and promotion of card-based products.



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