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National Bank of Tajikistan launches national processing centre with help from Compass Plus in under 6 months

bNBTCompass Plus, the global payments software provider, announced today that the Tajikistan national processing centre is live. The National Bank of Tajikistan selected Compass Plus in July 2011 to consolidate the existing infrastructure of bank card acceptance in Tajikistan on a single national platform, enabling secure card operations in the country and delivering access to the advanced payment technologies, including Internet and mobile banking. For a project of this size and complexity, implementation in just six months from contract signature has once again proven the agility of the Compass Plus implementation team and the flexibility of the TranzWare product suite.

Choosing Compass Plus as their technology partner ensured that the Tajikistan National processing centre gained access to the full range of modern banking services that include cash disbursement and acceptance, payment for goods and services, various fund transfer options, performing banking operations via the Internet and mobile and SMS-banking. The processing centre is capable of delivering services to the country’s credit institutions that enable the performance of information processing, financial operations as well as clearing settlements in payment systems. The centre has extensive capabilities for connecting various ATMs and other terminals of the participating banks, for issuing domestic and international bank cards, as well as for the interaction with other companies on the acceptance of payments for rendered services (for example, Internet and mobile telecommunications) and for the connection to other processing centres that deliver various services to the banks of Tajikistan.

At the launch presentation of the National processing centre attended by heads of ministries, credit institutions, mobile communication companies and international institutions held in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, the Chairman of the National Bank of Tajikistan, Sharif Rahimzoda said: “The main objective of the establishment of the National processing centre is to ensure an autonomous platform that does not depend on external payment systems for settlement and to minimize the risk of external factors influencing the payment infrastructure of Tajikistan.”

Andrey Chirkov, Head of Russia and CIS region at Compass Plus commented: "Our extensive experience in implementing large scale projects across the globe has helped us ensure that within a short period of time the National Bank of Tajikistan was able to set up a secure and versatile payment infrastructure and offer access to the latest remote banking technologies, ensuring the needs of financial institutions in Tajikistan are fulfilled now and in the future.”

The national processing centre is be based on the following TranzWare products: TranzWare Online, TranzWare CMS, TranzWare Card Factory, TranzWare Fraud Analyzer, TranzWare Internet Banking and TranzWare Mobile Banking.

About the National Bank of Tajikistan:

The National Bank of Tajikistan is the central issuance reserve bank of the Republic of Tajikistan. It develops and implements state monetary and exchange policies in order to support the stability of the national currency’s purchasing power. One of the main aims of the National Bank of Tajikistan is to provide an efficient and reliable national payment system. The participants of the payment system include the National Bank of Tajikistan, 139 credit-organisations, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Tajikistan, Tajik Central Stock Exchange, Interstate Bank in Moscow and one branch of the Tizhorat Bank. The Republic’s large credit organisations have a wide-spread branch network consisting of more than 260 branches and offices.



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