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 Kapital Bank launches a mobile banking application built on TranzWare Mobile Banking for Apple iOS smartphones

WiKapital Bankth help from Compass Plus, Kapital Bank (Azerbaijan) has finished building their own mobile banking application for iOS, and successfully published it on the Apple App Store. The new application is built on TranzWare Mobile Banking and enhances the previously developed applications on the same platform for Android and Java.

The application will increase the number of people using the mobile banking system, which can now be fully operated on all Apple mobile devices. This will result in improving the quality of provided services and expanding the remote banking capabilities for Kapital Bank’s customers. The application has been downloaded more than 350 times within one week since it was published on the Apple App Store. This was achieved without broad-based marketing support or extensive coverage of the new service in mass media or on the bank’s website. The bank plans to carry out a marketing strategy to promote the service in the near future.

Kapital Bank is one of the leading financial institutions of Azerbaijan, and by providing its customers with online services, it is setting itself apart from the competition, and establishing itself as a market leader. As well as the mobile banking system, the bank provides the customers with a comprehensive Internet banking service, built on TranzWare Internet Banking.

“Our collaboration with Compass Plus has been established long ago. During this time, the Compass Plus staff and the TranzWare processing platform have shown themselves to be extremely helpful and innovative.. Today all of the bank’s remote services provided for individual customers are built on the TranzWare product suite from Compass Plus. I would like to mention the extensive array of facilities available for independent adaptation of the systems used by the bank. This enables a rapid and low-cost startup of new products and services,” commented Ali Akhundov, Head of the Information Technologies Department.

About Kapital Bank:

Kapital Bank, being the successor of Sberbank, has 140 years of commercial activity. The bank was privatized in 2005 and became the largest privately owned bank in Azerbaijan. Currently, Kapital Bank has the widest branch network across Azerbaijan (about 100 branches) and is in charge of the project covering the payment of state pensions and benefits in the country. The launch of its in-house processing centre took place in May 2009. This project entailed the large-scale simultaneous migration of the issuing section (about 2 million cards) and the acquiring network of the bank (about 500 ATMs and 1,000 POS-terminals) from the previous processing host. Currently Kapital Bank uses a wide range of the TranzWare software products: TranzWare Online, TranzWare Card Management System, TranzWare Card Factory, TranzWare Fraud Analyzer, TranzWare Internet Banking, TranzWare Mobile Banking and TranzWare e-Commerce. The bank is a Principle Member of Mastercard and Visa International and actively develops the most state-of-the-art technologies and services.



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