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intervaleAnti-fraud system outsourcing:  Compass Plus implements innovative fraud service for Intervale Group of Companies

Intervale Group (TM ‘Intervale’, ‘SmartCardLink’), a leading provider of electronic and mobile commerce services, has implemented a unique anti-fraud solution designed to monitor, detect and prevent fraudulent transactions. The solution, which adheres to current SaaS/IaaS IT concepts, is provided by Compass Plus. The project has been implemented as a part of the certification of the in-house ‘SmartCardLink’ processing centre in order to gain MSP TPP status in Mastercard.

A key element of the solution is TranzWare Fraud Analyzer, a software product that performs multi-factor analysis of transaction and event flows and provides effective detection of suspicious transactions based on user-defined rules. The project is unique because, in addition to the software license, the vendor provides hosting solutions: TranzWare Fraud Analyzer is installed on the servers of Compass Plus’ processing centre.

Compass Plus specialists provide professional support for the solution’s infrastructure, including maintenance of the hardware platform, administration of the system software and Oracle database, control of telecommunication resources and security tools, as well as application updates. This approach combines the SaaS and IaaS models, which has enabled Intervale to significantly reduce the cost of the initial implementation (compared to deploying in-house systems) and optimize operational costs without any loss of functionality to the user.

As part of the project, the customer was provided with specifications of protocols and development tools which enabled the Intervale specialists to implement the mechanisms of batch and online interaction of internal information systems with TranzWare Fraud Analyzer. Remote access to the system allows employees to perform full system administration, including the development and implementation of transaction monitoring rules and the configuration of technical procedures, as well as business processes of the investigation of suspicious transactions. The advanced mechanism for managing access rights enables flexible configuration for operators, supervisors, security officers and other members of staff in the fight against fraud.

The processing capacity of the Compass Plus’ processing centre, which is supported by TranzWare Fraud Analyzer, provides a significant performance reserve of the outsourced anti-fraud solution. The company enables multi-fold increase in the transaction load, quickly transparently and without additional customer capital expenditure.
“To implement the project, the company created an operating division which tested, configured and implemented the basic rules of fraud monitoring in a short period of time,” said Valery Goryashin, Chief Operating Officer of Intervale Group. “The implementation of the anti-fraud system not only means the full compliance of our processing centre with the requirements of international payment systems regarding the security of acquiring, but it also minimizes business risks for our customers -players in the electronic and mobile commerce market."

About Intervale:
Intervale Group of Companies is a leading technology developer and service provider of secure remote financial and information transactions using mobile networks. Its wholly-owned subsidiary company, SmartCardLink, has all the necessary licenses, hardware and software suites, offers the implementation of these services. The main business lines of Intervale Group include the development of innovative solutions for remote banking transactions in public telecommunication networks and the provision of information exchange between all participants in the payment process. These tasks are implemented with the development and support of the in-house universal payment platform.

Intervale is a member of Mobey Forum and a member of the Telecommunication Development Sector of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-R). Intervale is also a member of the Russian Association of Networks and Services and a resident of Skolkovo IT Cluster. Amongst Intervale’s partners are large companies, such as Mastercard, MTS, MegaFon, Sberbank Russia, VTB Group, and many others.
The company’s service region includes the whole territory of the Russian Federation, as well as Europe, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan.



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