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ConsultingFrom the beginning of every project Compass Plus provides clients with a consulting service offering advice and assistance on all aspects of EFT and retail banking system set up and operations. Throughout the deployment of each project phase the assigned project manager works closely with the client to address strategic, technological and operational issues. After a particular system has been deployed Compass Plus can offer consulting services on how to use the system to its full potential and further develop electronic payment business.

Compass Plus has great depth of knowledge and experience in the industry and in utilising the breadth of its research and development base has devised methodologies and advanced tools to enable the leverage of expertise efficiently and effectively.

Compass Plus consulting services may include the following activities:

  • Development of RFPs, specifications, project requirements and deployment plan for a payment system, processing centre, retail banking system, etc
  • Development of a business plan, ROI assessment for a project
  • Preparation of the documentation pack for international payment network participation
  • Financial institution certification with international payment networks
  • Development of structure, organisational and operational rules and operational procedures for a payment network with multiple participants
  • Development of recommendations and rules for retail transaction accounting
  • Development of recommendations in setting up a retail consumer credit system
  • Development of recommendations in setting up a processing centre to support an EFT system
  • Development of bespoke specifications for third-party hardware and software EFT system project management
  • Development of recommendations and usability assessment for use of EFT technologies in non-conventional areas
  • Solution evaluation, payment system audit
  • Conceptual, organizational and legal support of EFT system operations
  • Recommendations in the use of new technologies in retail banking systems
  • Resolution of many other general and specific issues inherent in electronic payment system deployment of any complexity

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