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SupportCompass Plus is devoted to the provision of exceptional customer support service and therefore constantly seek ways to improve, whether by implementing new technologies or introducing new processes.


Since 2004 Compass Plus has made full use of the JIRA system for customer support service.

One of JIRA’s advantages is that it allows the division of customer requests and their allocation to specific customer support managers.  Every request is assigned a unique number and entered into the system through a user-friendly Web-interface. If a request involves further programme development then all consequent requests will be interlinked with the initial one for more effective customer support management. 
Today, every customer has a support manager that is assigned specifically to them. This enables Compass Plus to deliver a professional service, address customer needs, ensure effective problem solving and most importantly build good customer relationships.

This approach to customer support service ensures that not only are our customers satisfied but also the support staff feel motivated, content, and therefore, able to perform to higher standards.

Support Plans

Depending on customer requirements and the project particulars Compass Plus can offer four different customer support plans: “Standard”, “Enhanced” and “De Luxe”.

All of the support plans entitle the customer to receive new versions of the TranzWare products developed by Compass Plus at its own initiative and according to the development schedule with the aim of enhancing the system’s user-friendliness, performance and functionality in order to match new versions of DBMS, operating systems, international payment network protocols, data transmission protocols, interfaces in communications systems, third party software versions and so on.

No matter what support plan is purchased all emergency situations are dealt with immediately.

Problem Escalation

To effectively address any issues that may arise Compass Plus uses a multi-tier problem escalation procedure – starting with the support team to project managers and then system programmers. Therefore, in the event of a ‘solution not found’ within the first level, increasingly specialised staff are involved. In each case this procedure is repeated until the problem is resolved.


TranzWare documentation is another standard component of the Compass Plus customer support system. The manuals, software product and protocol descriptions made available to the customers contain detailed descriptions of the product functionalities, procedures and operations as well as setup parameters and procedures for configuring subsystems, applications and modules. This documentation is developed by professionals and is continuously updated in line with user requirements. Manuals can be delivered in a hard copy or via electronic media.

In addition the Compass Plus support team works very closely with its business and technology partners in order to deliver complete solutions to all of the issues.

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