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Compass Plus offer their customers extensive training on all TranzWare products. The majority of courses are tailor-made for each customer and provide complete user and technical (system administrator) training on the products and solutions obtained from Compass Plus. All courses are organised in workshop style. As standard, trainees are supplied with presentation materials (summary of the course), detailed documentation (specifications, protocol description, etc) and other support materials. The newly refurbished training facilities allow all students to engage in hands-on lab work, providing them with a better understanding of the products. The course schedule is published quarterly; however, some courses may be added to the schedule upon customer’s request.

Although on-site education is available and is carried out by specialists, product training at Compass Plus premises means studying in specially designated class-rooms, being lectured by a team of experienced lecturers and enjoying an after-class entertainment programme. In addition, it presents an opportunity to visit the Compass Plus processing centre and some existing customer sites to observe commercial operation of all the products as well as to meet and discuss issues with programme developers, project managers and the support team.

The training department staff is continuously seeking to improve their professional qualification and work on increasing the effectiveness of the education process.

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