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Fault Tolerance

24/7 service availability is crucial for every financial institution. With TranzWare, fault-tolerance, reliability and system robustness can be achieved through the use of:

  • Cluster platforms (including Oracle RAC), capable of providing high levels of fault-tolerance at the hardware level.
  • Online database replication using Oracle Data Guard which provides the option of the geographical separation of the primary and backup sites for the implementation of disaster-tolerant configuration.

In addition, TranzWare Online itself has a fault-tolerant architecture that provides a Multi-Protocol Transaction Bridge, a sub-module which distributes transaction load between working TranzWare instances running in parallel on different servers. This feature enables fault-tolerance in systems with a non-clustered architecture (the server configuration comprises of several different (independent) servers). This function provides benefits such as:

  • building fault-tolerant processing centers based on local servers providing low cost and mobility;
  • building homogeneous as well as heterogeneous server configurations (different operating systems and  hardware brands);
  • ability to scale a processing system by adding more servers (or migrating to more advanced servers) with no system downtime.

Using these tools enables Compass Plus’ customers to achieve  99.99 percent availability on their processing systems.

TranzWare has a modular structure and utilizes open technologies that provide extensive flexibility and scalability which, in turn, ensures business expansion without sizeable investment.

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