Independent view

PayX deep dives into Open Development Payment Platforms with an independent study into TranzAxis

A new report from Compass Plus and internationally renowned payment specialists PayX takes a deep dive into TranzAxis, the Open Development Payments Platform from Compass Plus.

The driving force behind this unrestricted analysis into TranzAxis stemmed from two key areas that Compass Plus felt were pertinent to address. Firstly, Compass Plus are technology experts before everything else, motivated by their desire to evolve and create, so any and all insights would be invaluable to the continued enhancement of the platform. The second reason was more competitively strategic: the company wanted to prove that TranzAxis really does deserve to be highlighted as a platform with capabilities that go beyond buzzwords and tick boxes.

Compass Plus have risen to the challenge of how to address the needs of current and future payments platforms through their TranzAxis product,” said Senior Management Consultant at PayX Group, Steve Lomax.