MultiCarta connects Neyva Bank to Visa via VTB as a sponsor bank

MultiCarta, a provider of payment processing services and subsidiary of VTB Bank, has successfully connected Neyva Bank to Visa via VTB as a sponsor bank.

“Banks which MultiCarta connects to Visa via VTB do not only benefit financially by receiving the complete interchange fee established by the payment system, but also have access to the developed ATM infrastructure of VTB banking group,” said Kirill Sviridenko, CEO at MultiCarta. “We are very pleased that Neyva Bank has joined our new partner programme. The project has been implemented within a short timeframe, and all technological challenges have been taken into consideration when implementing the project.”

“For Neyva Bank, this is the beginning of a strategic partnership with VTB Group and ensures maximum financial reliability for our customers using Visa cards,” said Pavel Efremov, Chairman of the Board at Neyva Bank. “MultiCarta processing company has a professional team with an excellent technical base and great potential for innovation that will enable us to quickly launch new services and products and offer them to our customers.”

The MultiCarta processing centre is built on TranzWare software from Compass Plus.

Neyva Bank utilises TranzWare and TranzAxis software from Compass Plus.

*This press release is based on materials originally published by MultiCarta.