RuT2UG 2019: Compass Plus brings payments leaders together to discuss industry trends

Compass Plus, an international provider of retail banking and electronic payments software to processors and financial institutions, successfully held its fifth Russian TranzWare/TranzAxis User Group – RuT2UG 2019. From 4 to 7 March, 113 participants from 57 companies shared their experiences with our software and payment services. The proximity of the Forum's venue to the Compass Plus R&D Headquarters and Resource Hub gave the participants a unique opportunity to discuss projects with the company's specialists face-to-face.

Payment systems, banks, processors, ATM manufacturers, POS terminals and plastic cards professionals  gathered at the bi-annual RuT2UG forum to discuss the latest financial industry trends and share experiences of using Compass Plus.

The event was kicked off by Compass Plus CEO & President Youri Koliakin. During his speech, Mr Koliakin discussed the development of biometrics on the Russian market and its use in retail, the use of in-memory technology in processing and the implementation of the TranzAxis Active-Active solution. He also gave examples of successful customer projects using TranzAxis. MobiCash mobile payment service and payment services in general were a topic of a lively discussion.

The panel discussion ‘TranzAxis as a high-tech platform for business’ included examples of TranzAxis successful implementations in various financial institutions, such as Neyva Bank and Bank St Petersburg. A presentation from Vladimir Belous (Neyva Bank) and Vladimir Milosh (Bank Saint Petersburg) stressed the flexibility of Compass Plus solutions and their ability to respond to various challenges of the financial industry. During the discussion, Vladimir Milosh presented two successful projects - a multi-functional middleware integration solution and a flexible invoicing platform, both based on TranzAxis.

Attendees also discussed the most important challenges facing the payment industry. Maxim Zavgorodniy, Operations & Technology Department Director at NSPK, spoke about the development of the MIR payment system, future development plans, and the recent launch of Mir Pay payment service on March 4. At the end of his presentation, he thanked Compass Plus “for its contribution to the tokenization of MIR and the digitisation of Russia”. Barysh Yildys, UPI Russia Support Manager, and Fan Jiguang, UPI Russia CEO, presented UnionPay's developments in NFC tag payments.

The first day of the conference was concluded by presentations from RuT²UG 2019 partners: MM SYSTEMS, NovaСard, Gemalto, PayPro and FinStream. The Forum was also supported by the following companies: ALIOTH, ATM Alliance, ATM Market, Ingenico, Eastcompeace (Rus), KM Alliance, LAN ATMService, NADEKS, NPP Delta Systems, Orenkart, Ostkard, PBF Group, Saltoro, SmartCard-Service, Smart Continental and SMS Traffic.

On day two, customers and partners had the opportunity to discuss their projects, new projects and product development challenges with Compass Plus specialists . During the day, presentations were focused on the Compass Plus software product lines. Evgeny Kachurov, Head of Front-Office System Maintenance Division of Processing Setup and Maintenance Directorate at Otkritie Bank, spoke about implementing TranzWare Online with the bank’s external systems. Konstantin Parmukhin, Head of Processing Directorate at Moscow Credit Bank, explained how the use of TranzWare Fraud Analyzer enables the bank to decline the majority of fraudulent transactions it sees in remote banking channels. Konstantin also presented an unusual application of TranzWare Fraud Analyzer – using it as a platform for the bank’s marketing campaigns. Nikolay Stanchenko, Director of Technology Development Department at MultiCarta, presented ‘MultiCarta 2.0’ platform and Dmitry Lukyanov, Customer Service Managing Director at Compass Plus, spoke about agile projects management.

The panel discussion ‘Infrastructure projects in the Russian market’ and NSPK’s presentation about Fast Payment System (FPS) sparked a heated debate. Lidia Klyukina, Head of FPS Maintenance and Support Centre at NSPK, spoke about the essence of FPS, its goals and key features. In addition, she announced the launch of C2C and C2B e-commerce schemes within the FPS. Anatoly Moshchenko, Senior Software Analyst at Compass Plus, outlined the implementation steps for C2C in TranzWare and TranzAxis. While Alexey Chumakov, Head of Business Intelligence Division at Compass Plus, presented the Marketplace project - a new reliable and convenient electronic channel for the implementation of financial products - and invited the attendees to discuss this project and possible cooperation.

 RuT2UG 2019 participants enjoyed a tour to the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works and skiing and snowboarding activities at the nearby “Metallurg-Magnitogorsk” ski centre.

RuT2UG 2019 guests shared their experiences of the Forum:

Compass Plus sessions were very useful to discuss project challenges. I was pleased with the presented content; I learned a lot of useful information. Great event, thanks to Compass Plus for organising it!

Vladimir Belous, Head of Retail Information Systems Development Department at Neyva Bank

The Forum location is great. The friendly tone of the event was set by Youri Koliakin’s keynote speech. The agenda included many interesting topics for debates and lively discussions.

Nikolay Stanchenko, Head of Technology Development Department at MultiCarta

Compass Plus is a very dynamically developing company. We are pleased that projects like Mir Accept, Mir Pay mobile payment service and vendor support for international development are supported and implemented by Compass Plus. Many thanks to the organisers for choosing the forum’s venue far from major cities, which allows us to discuss working issues without any distractions. It was very useful to get the forum participants’ feedback on the technological development of the MIR National Payment System, as well as the Fast Payment System.

Maxim Zavgorodniy, Operation & Technology Department Director at NSPK

First of all, I would like to thank Compass Plus for the excellent organisation of the event, comfortable surroundings and an excellent communication platform. At RuT²UG 2019, we were able to present our new products, but also receive feedback from experts, establish new business contacts and build confidence with partner companies. We are confident that business contacts established at the forum will lead to interesting future projects. RuT²UG 2019 has become the platform that allows you to share your own experience and knowledge. Many thanks to Compass Plus for preparing such an interesting event.”

Fan Jiguang, CEO at UnionPay International in Russia

This is the first time that I have attended this forum. I really liked the organisation and working atmosphere here. I would also like to note the great atmosphere for informal communication. Special thanks to Youri Koliakin, his opening address set the right mood for the first day of the forum.”

Vasily Dolgov, Specialist, Business Development Department at Eastcompeace

Many thanks to all of our customers and partners! See you next time!