10 little known facts about money

  1. Only 8% of the world’s currency is physical money
  2. In the UK, the direction the monarch faces on coins changes with each appointment
  3. No paper money is actually made of paper; non-polymer banknotes are made from a cotton-linen mix, and most polymer notes aren’t vegan friendly!
  4. Each US penny costs more than double its face value to manufacture
  5. Uzbekistan’s tiyin is currently the world’s least valuable coin – worth 2,400 times less than a US one cent and 3,000 times less than a British penny
  6. UK coins can be combined to reveal the image of a secret shield design using 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p 20p and 50p
  7. Burma had an economic crisis in the late 80s because the president decided to cancel any currency that wasn’t divisible by 9 (his favourite number)
  8. Adobe Photoshop detects if you are trying to edit an image of currency, and stops you from opening/printing the file
  9. The Guinness World Record for the individual featured on the most currencies is held by Queen Elizabeth II, who is pictured on the money of at least 35 countries (all part of the British Commonwealth)
  10. The tiny Pacific island of Niue, which uses the New Zealand Dollar as its currency, annually releases commemorative coins featuring Disney princesses, Star Wars characters, Pokémon and other pop culture references as usable currency