TranzWare case studies

AGRIBANK: Utilising TranzWare to drive advanced electronic payment services in an emerging economy

To support the rapid development of its retail banking business, enable the diversification of its services, and keep up with technological advances, AGRIBANK decided it needed to completely overhaul its IT infrastructure. >>>

Agroinvestbank: Launching an in-house processing centre to strengthen its position in the market

When its previous card processing infrastructure no longer met the standards needed for service quality and product development, Agroinvestbank decided it was time to implement an in-house processing centre. >>>

Bank SIAB: Enabling customer centric loyalty programs

In 2009, Bank SIAB chose TranzWare to build an in-house processing centre to develop its retail banking business so when it decided to embark on a project to launch a new loyalty program for its customers, it turned once again to Compass Plus for support. >>>

City Bank: Staying one step ahead of the Bangladesh banking market with new processing centre

When City Bank’s existing software solution could no longer meet the growing requirements and volumes of bank’s business, it needed an in-house processing centre scalable for future growth.  >>>

Home Credit & Finance Bank: Ensuring universality, flexibility and effectiveness for the modern retail bank

On its expansion into full-service retail banking in 2007, Home Credit & Finance Bank required a retail banking system capable of responding to new challenges in the retail market, and enabling it to offer a wide range of products in a short timeframe. >>>

Intervale: Outsourcing fraud detection and prevention for leading Russian service and e-commerce provider

Intervale: Outsourcing fraud detection and prevention for leading Russian service and e-commerce provider >>>

Investment City Bank: A direct route into the retail banking business

In order to give their customers a wider selection of banking services that are convenient to use, Investment City Bank made a decision to establish their own in-house processing centre – with speed of implementation being essential when choosing a solutions provider.  >>>

IT Consultants Limited: Advanced electronic payment services in an emerging economy

When IT Consultants Limited’s business began to grow and mature, and its existing system was only able to cope with a relatively small volume of transactions, it decided a solution that was scalable and future-proof was essential.  >>>

Liberty Bank: Controlling card issuance for an ever-growing client base

For Liberty Bank (formerly the People’s Bank of Georgia) to integrate into the global economic system, it decided it that all local cards needed to be replaced with Visa cards and that an in-house processing centre was required to give it complete control over card issuance.  >>>

Moscow Industrial Bank: A successful business case for contactless cards

To enable Moscow Industrial Bank to implement and launch campus cards (a contactless-enabled debit card for students, teachers and other university personnel), it needed an innovative system to run and support this new product type. >>>

MultiCarta: Ensuring effective fraud prevention in international e-commerce

When MultiCarta (formerly TransCreditBank) – a strategic partner of Russian Railways – wanted to implement a project for the national railway to accept international cards, it needed a system for processing e-commerce transactions, and an extremely effective approach to fraud detection and prevention.  >>>

Norvik Banka: Processing system migration with minimal downtime

When Norvik Banka decided to replace its existing processing centre with a new flexible solution that offered a high level of support, integration with other banking systems and guaranteed continuous customer service throughout the migration, it turned to Compass Plus. >>>

Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank: Widening its spectrum of 24-hour banking services with TranzWare

Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank sought to provide personal account customers with access to a wide spectrum of banking services while ensuring minimum expenditure for the expansion of the branch network. >>>

TDBM: Step by step leadership in business

To increase the bank’s position in the market and attain Visa Principal Member status, the Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia (TDBM) required a new card management system as part of the implementation of its processing centre in a short timeframe.  >>>

Zapsibcombank: Creating and implementing a loyalty program with a difference

Zapsibcombank began their relationship with Compass Plus in 2006, so when the bank decided embark on an innovative project to launch a new and unique loyalty program to the Russian market in 2012, it turned to its trusted partner once again. >>>