Payment acceptance

Based on push payments and designed for universal payments acceptance by any business, MobiCash Payments offers more than just your standard QR codes. Alongside static, quasi-static and dynamic QR codes, the service assigns a unique identifier to every bill enabling, for example, MOTO merchants to take mobile payments securely over the phone without handling any card data.

Equally suitable to online and physical merchants, the MobiCash Payments service can be integrated into websites and POS terminals, with options for biometric payments to cut queues. Merchants also have a MobiCash POS app where they can generate bills in-person, remotely, or by pushing bills to consumers in the MobiCash super app. The super app offers each merchant a homepage as standard, that can be linked to an in-app marketplace, giving merchants an extremely cost-effective way to have a mobile shop. For service providers, such as utilities, educational establishments, or property rental companies, there is also eInvoicing and recurring billing.