Processing services

Whether or not to outsource some or even all operations can be a large and often controversial decision, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. With strategy and resources to take into consideration, choosing the best operation model needs to be based on both internal capabilities and company vision.

Compass Plus is a payments software company that can offer businesses a proposition tailored to unique system requirements, whether you wish to build your system, buy, outsource or utilise a combination of these. Using TranzAxis, our proprietary Open Development Payments Platform, you can buy a platform and build your specific solutions on it in-house, or you can take advantage of TranzAxis as an outsourced model providing you all of the benefits the platform has to offer at a fraction of the cost, still retaining the capability to differentiate.

TranzAxis is a specialist integrated open application and development platform, developed by Compass Plus specialists and used by our software licence customers across the world. The fact that our processing business runs on this platform offers multiple advantages; from using proven and trusted services to benefitting from international R&D; the platform continues to be developed and enhanced across both lines of our business to meet customer and market requirements.

Our processing centre can offer you all of our service packages in either a shared environment (SaaS) or on a dedicated platform (PaaS). Please contact us for more information.

Our mission is to help you realise your unique business requirements and TranzAxis offers us the flexibility to help you grow your business, your way.



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