Credit Card Issuance

Our credit card service package covers the entire credit card lifecycle management, providing financial institutions with everything they need to develop and manage multiple types of credit card programs to fit any customer need; from a simple charge card to a revolving credit card with complex business logic. Our baseline service package can be built on in order to manage your exact product portfolio requirements.


Product configuration options include:

  • Minimum payment calculation rules
  • Interest accrual rules
  • Commission and fee calculation
  • Usage limits and restrictions
  • Debt repayment and delinquency management rules
  • Statement configuration and distribution

Features include:

  • Flexible product configuration
  • Full product lifecycle management
  • Multi-institution and multi-currency support
  • Individual and corporate programs
  • Application processing and scoring engine
  • Loyalty and marketing campaigns
  • Real-time card and account management
  • Clearing and settlement
  • Comprehensive accounting engine

Fault-tolerance, scalability and high-performance


An extensive library of reports


Native fraud management


Web-based user workplaces


Fully compliant


24/7 support


We offer a range of comprehensive workplaces which provide all the tools needed for you to successfully manage your service package, allowing you to enjoy greater strategic control and visibility over your value chain.

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