Our debit card service package can integrate with any Core Banking System and offers you everything you need to successfully manage your debit card product portfolio and streamline your operations in a secure and compliant processing environment.

The service supports PIN-secured, signature debit, prepaid and contactless cards with adjustable tariff fees. Debit products can be single or multi-currency, with the capability for loyalty program management.

Features include:

  • An authorisation platform for online and offline transactions
  • Real-time payments
  • Exhaustive reports
  • Workflows for product management
  • Easy integration with perso bureaus
  • Clearing and settlement
  • API for easy integration with CBS

Fault-tolerance, scalability and high-performance


Strong integration capabilities


An extensive library of reports


24/7 support


Native fraud management


Fully compliant

Our baseline service package can be built on in order to manage your exact product portfolio requirements.

We offer a range of comprehensive workplaces which provide all the tools needed for you to successfully manage your service package, allowing you to enjoy greater strategic control and visibility over your value chain.

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