Instant Issuance

Our instant issuance service package is an comprehensive card personalisation and issuance service, which enables financial institutions and other card issuers to issue EMV and magstripe cards in-branch in a matter of minutes. The service not only provides an enhanced experience for the end customer but also offers reduced risk and costs for the issuer, helping them gain greater market agility whilst ensuring a return on their technology investment.

This service covers all aspects of card personalisation; from EMV and magstripe data preparation to personalisation and stock management. Our baseline service package can be built on in order to manage your exact product portfolio requirements.


Features include:

  • Provision of client API for integration with teller software
  • Personalisation equipment support
  • EMV cards support
  • Card design management
  • Stock management
  • Integration with built-in or external card management systems

Fault-tolerance, scalability and high-performance


An extensive library of reports


Web-based user workplaces


Fully compliant


24/7 support


We offer a range of comprehensive workplaces which provide all the tools needed for you to successfully manage your service package, allowing you to enjoy greater strategic control and visibility over your value chain.

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