TranzAxis Active-Active

Today’s consumers are not as loyal as they once were and are more likely to move bank than ever before. With an increasing number of reports around IT glitches at financial institutions, it is more important than ever to provide an excellent customer experience. Therefore, Compass Plus has designed a feature whose ultimate goal is to prevent downtime full-stop.

TranzAxis Active-Active is a database clustering feature that enables a financial institution to avoid disruption to its operations by ensuring zero downtime. The active-active cluster is made up of two databases running the same services simultaneously. It achieves load balancing by distributing workloads intelligently across both databases in order to maximise efficiency and prevent locks and overloading, resulting in a significant improvement in throughput and response times.

If one database fails, TranzAxis enables the seamless transition of traffic to the other database.

TranzAxis Active-Active provides financial institutions with the knowledge that they can perform maintenance on their system, without disrupting their services – enabling them to be ‘always on and always available’.  It also minimises any risks related to upgrading the system, as active-active database clustering final testing to be performed during the upgrade procedure itself.