TranzAxis Batch Issuance


  • Flexible tools for interface development and customisation
  • Easy integration with existing infrastructure
  • Support for a wide range of personalisation equipment
  • Centralised HSM
  • Centralised management of cryptographic keys
  • PA-DSS compliant
  • Card inventory management
  • Report generation
  • Interaction with external systems
  • Data preparation for magstripe and EMV card personalisation
  • PIN generation and envelope printing
  • Control of entire card design
  • Direct management of hardware for both manual and automated card personalisation

TranzAxis Batch Issuance uses advanced technology to significantly speed up the issuance of all types of payment cards (including EMV and magstripe cards).

By offering both centralised and decentralised issuance, low and high volume production environments can be supported, increasing operational efficiency and lowering costs.

For financial institutions issuing cards in remote locations, decentralised issuance allows the penetration of markets where card delivery by mail is impossible. Rather than personalising cards at the location where the secure data preparation is carried out, the issuer can transport the cards to different locations, reducing the costs and risks of transporting personalised cards.

The solution can be deployed quickly with minimal impact on the issuer’s existing infrastructure, with flexible tools for interface development and customisation, and a variety of deployment and operation scenarios.

TranzAxis Batch Issuance is a secure and compliant solution, ensuring the safety of your data.