TranzAxis Credit Card


  • Flexible product configuration
  • Full product lifecycle management
  • Multi-institution and multi-currency support
  • Credit line and fund management tools
  • Individual and corporate programs
  • Application processing and scoring engine
  • Debt tracking tools and delinquency management
  • Loyalty and marketing campaigns
  • Real-time card and account management
  • Clearing and settlement
  • Comprehensive accounting engine
  • Customisable formats and interfaces for system integration
  • User-friendly graphical workplaces for system administration, monitoring and operations

For financial institutions that want to be able to offer their customers innovative credit card products, TranzAxis Credit Card covers the entire lifecycle management for this card type.

The solution offers comprehensive management and reporting tools that provide financial institutions, merchants and merchant networks with everything they need to develop and manage multiple types of credit card programs to fit any customer need; from a simple charge card to a revolving credit card with complex business logic.

TranzAxis Credit Card has a number of product configuration options available, including minimum payment calculation rules, interest accrual rules, commission and fee calculation, usage limits and restrictions, debt repayment and delinquency management rules, and statement configuration and distribution.

Compass Plus offers a number of options for their credit card solution: it can be purchased as a turnkey solution, it can be extensively customised and integrated into the existing infrastructure to extend the issuers functionality, or the advanced development tools provided with TranzAxis can enable the organisation to completely build their own unique solution.