TranzAxis Fraud Management


  • Fraud prevention, detection & monitoring
  • Flexible and configurable fraud detection rules
  • Complex analysis of risk objects
  • Transaction flow analysis
  • Online and offline detection
  • Alert generation and notification system
  • Risk manager workplaces
  • Access rights control
  • Investigation and dispute management
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Compliance with security standards

Although there is no sure-fire way to protect against security attacks, TranzAxis Fraud Management offers multiple layers of protection, detection and prevention, which can substantially reduce the risks faced by any institution.

The solution provides financial institutions with the tools they need to quickly respond to new fraud schemes, enabling the quick development and configuration of new fraud prevention rules. These rules use a combination of transactional and object data, preset parameters, object risk scoring and historical data to analyse any transaction.

TranzAxis Fraud Management provides functionality to analyse customer behaviour patterns and transaction flow, ensures alert generation, and enables operators to conduct investigations, describe rules and case actions, and document workflow.

The solution has been developed to be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure of any financial institution, with online integration protocols and flexible file exchange and processing modules.