TranzAxis Internet Banking


  • Vast number of banking operations and services
  • Extensive library of functional modules and the ability to develop new ones
  • Complete customisation of the application (appearance, layout, content)
  • Advanced security features
  • SMS, e-mail notifications
  • Many additional features including: currency exchange rates, currency calculator, news, etc.

TranzAxis Internet Banking provides financial institutions (FIs) with a secure, comprehensive and fully-adaptive internet banking system.

For FIs that want to offer their customers a remote banking service that replicates the experience and the functionality available in-branch, TranzAxis Internet Banking enables FIs to create a secure and feature-rich internet banking system.

The solution has advanced application build systems that provide FIs with the capability to fully customise the system. A basic set of ‘widgets’ (separate functional modules) is provided, which can be modified or alternatively an FI can develop its own widgets, to essentially design and create a completely unique service.

TranzAxis Internet Banking supports a range of authentication methods, such as static and dynamic authentication, DPA/CAP support, etc., to ensure the safety of customer data. Further security measures can be set up to ensure the verification of customers, such as limiting access to specific functions without the use of a one-time password.

The solution can be deployed quickly with minimal impact on the FI’s existing infrastructure and is flexible in terms of integration with external systems.TranzAxis Internet Banking is a secure solution that is fully compliant with industry standards and requirements.