TranzAxis Loyalty


  • Unlimited number of loyalty programs
  • Advanced rules for bonus calculation and redemption
  • Ability to set limits for bonus accrual
  • Unlimited number of bonus ‘currencies’
  • Multiple reward types supported
  • Bonus transfers and conversion between programs
  • Clearing and settlement of loyalty programs
  • Integration with external systems
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics

TranzAxis Loyalty is a customisable solution for the implementation and management of diverse and innovative loyalty and rewards programs.

It enables issuers to implement and manage loyalty and reward programs that not only attract and retain customers but grow bottom-line revenue.

The solution enables the integration of loyalty functionality to credit, debit and other commercial products. Issuers can design an unlimited number of loyalty programs and create different rules for bonus calculation and redemption, as well as numerous options for bonus expiration.

Various bonus ‘currencies’ are available (points, miles, etc.) and the ability to transfer and convert these currencies between loyalty programs is fully supported. The currencies can be calculated in online mode (per transaction) or offline mode (for transaction or event-based bonuses, for example birthday bonuses or ‘refer-a-friend’ campaigns).

TranzAxis Loyalty provides all the tools required for quick customer enrolment, bonus point calculation and redemption, clearing and settlement, and integration with third party systems. Comprehensive reporting and analytical tools are also provided.